Kemani Ellington


My name is Kemani Ellington. I am a teen entrepreneur. I started my business because it was something I found fun and it allows me to use my creative ideas to make something. I see myself running my own business because I like to be my own boss. I love what i do and I want to continue doing it. My business is unique to me because its a dedication my late grandma who always pushed me to make my own money and to help others by using what she taught me to follow my dreams and never to give up. One day I hope to give back to those in need and I want to live up to that as a promise. Thank you for your support at Royal Boutique. Love you all.


The Scrubs are very beneficial for lip care. There is a pleasant taste, and the glosses keep my lips smooth. I definitely recommend it! 

This is the best lipgloss ever! It isn't sticky like other glosses I’ve tried, and the pretty packaging was a nice bonus!

  Lip Gloss Ingredients

  • Organic Coconut Oil

  • Oil fusion (sweet almond oil, vitamin E)

  • Coca butter Vaseline 

  • Flavoring oil (flavored glosses)

  • Color pigments (colored glosses)

Lip Scrub Ingredients


  • Organic Coconut Oil

  • Organic Sugar

  • Coca butter Vaseline 

  • Eternal Essentials Oils

  • Light food coloring

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