Hard time finding ways ways to exfoliate your lips? Biting the dead skin off your lips? Well this homemade organic lip care set includes pineapple scented:

• 1 - 2 Oz lip scrub
• 1 - 9ML tube of lip gloss 
• 1 - 5 Gram container of lip whip mayo

This lip care set will gently exfoliate dead skins from the lips and guarantee immediate results from our lip scrub. Infused with all real and organic pineapples it enhances a delightful and delectable taste to the sugar lip scrub.

This lip care kit promotes soft, moisturize, and smooth lips. Leaving your lips kissable and smelling delicious with our lip gloss. 

This lip care kit also hydrates, and relieve dry and chapped lips with our vitamin e infused solidified lip balm. Or known to be our lip whip mayo.

Pineapple Dream 🍍